A design staging for COLOGNE FINE ART 2017

In the VIP-Lounge in hall 11.2 a small sensation awaits visitors: The legendary Café Casino of the documenta 8 | 1987, with its radical juxtaposition of brewery tables and avant-garde design, became the preferred meeting place for the international art world. It will now be reopened as a temporary exhibition. This display by the curators Hans Irrek and Neumann-Hug Collection is part of a special exhibition at Cologne Fine Art that gives an authentic impression of the "new design" of the Cologne-based group of designers and architects Pentagon, whose furniture design reflects the famous zeitgeist of the 1980s.

The conceptual collage of different times, styles and ideas along with the wild mix of tables, chairs, bar and lighting made the Café Casino unique - the famous tube rack Chambre à Air by Reinhard Müller and the Café Casino d8 chair by the group Pentagon have long been design icons. Beyond the radical conception and the typical Pentagon style, the ' Casino ' could be seen in an intellectual context: it was a temporarily limited, transportable installation that above all made every visitor an integral part of the 100 day long staging.

Cafe Casino

Café Casino 1987 ended as spectacularly as it had begun: in an energetic final performance, the Café was destroyed and only a few pieces of the furniture survived the artistically pleasurable 'dismantling' by the Pentagon members. Many years later, it has now been possible for Neumann-Hug Collection to secure the original wall elements and original d8 chairs as well as the originally replicated d8 prototype chairs and a d8 standing table to re-assemble the original exhibition ensemble.

Just as in 1987, the interior of the Café itself represented a room for discussion, communication and social interaction, and as such quickly became the central point of the documenta, it now also becomes a showroom within the framework of the Cologne Fine Art – on the walls will be seen some of the original draft drawings for the Café Casino.

Curators: Hans Irrek, Neumann-Hug Collection

Objects of the exhibition: Neumann-Hug Collection and Gruppe Pentagon