Young Collectors Room


An art fair is a place for commerce, communication, for encounter, with the familiar and the new, with like-minded persons and dissenters. An art fair is also a reflection of society and of culture.

Cologne Fine Art, with its offering, targets its gaze on the past, on the illennia that have characterised our culture. At the same time we look into the future, at the generations we hope to introduce to this culture.

The Young Collectors Room is meant to function as a place of communication, of mediation, and naturally of commerce. The room, conceived of as a joint stand of our exhibitors, is oriented explicitly toward visitors who want to learn new things about old things.

Shown will be selected objects that satisfy the high quality standard of the fair, but which, with a price level below Euro 5,000 per object, are also attractive for newcomers to the market. Expert consultation, as well as lectures and introductions, will explain the world of art from ancient times to the present to visitors.