At all times, in all cultures and in all genres of art there have been a few people who create something truly exceptional: masterpieces, that outlive the change of time and fascinate art lovers for generations.

At Cologne Fine Art you can find highlights of all epochs of art and design history. Selected galleries and art dealers present carefully chosen objects: exhibitors become curators. If you are looking for new inspirations, you come to Cologne.

Cologne Fine Art 2018

Final report

Collectors and culture enthusiasts let themselves be inspired by COLOGNE FINE ART once again. Good sales and many promising contacts in all segments.

Final report Cologne Fine Art 2018 (.pdf)

Galleries and Dealers

In our online catalogue you will find all participating galleries and dealers of Cologne Fine Art 2018.

Galleries and Dealers 2018

Cologne Fine Art Prize

You can read all about the winner of this years Cologne Fine Art Prize here.

Cologne Fine Art Prize