Cologne: 21.–24.11.2019

COLOGNE FINE ART 2018 invites to discovery

Discover art, search for the unusual and find the beautiful, let yourself be inspired: COLOGNE FINE ART in November in Cologne once again offers impressive insight into the temporary chamber of curiosities with art and artistic craftwork of the special and sophisticated kind. With a concept spanning eras and genres, the art fair stands for an inspiring conjoining of old and new, the exotic and the familiar, from the smallest precious items to monumental works of art. The fine and always surprising offering addresses collectors, art enthusiasts and creative artists equally. An elegant and subdued appearance emphasises the special atmosphere of the trade show, which invites to discovery from 22 to 25 November 2018.

Antiquities and design
Dr. Tilman Roatzsch (Schnaitsee), like Thomas Schmitz-Avila (Bad Breisig), are among the COLOGNE FINE ART exhibitors of many years in the segment of Baroque and Biedermeier furniture. Drawing attention to the stand of Schmitz-Avila is a cabinet richly decorated with figural and floral inlaid work that was created in the mid-18th century in Frankfurt. Michael Werner Kunsthandel (Cologne, Märkisch-Wilmersdorf, New York) offers a chair that was produced according to a design of Karl Friedrich Schinkel for Wörlitz Palace. Tom Tavcar (Pforzheim) is bringing a precious tobacco box created around 1750 in Dresden.

The ED Gallery (Piacenza) focuses on Italian design and offers, among other items, a table lamp of the architect and designer Ico Parisi, whose designs were especially influential in the 1950s, as well as a glass bowl of the Art Nouveau artisan Hans Stoltenberg Lerche. KK Kiez Kabinett (Berlin) is showing furniture from Finn Juhl, who decisively influenced Scandinavian design and was recognised internationally for this. Another provider in the segment of furniture classics is Kaune Contemporary (Cologne). The BF Gallery (Brussels) offers a spacesuit that was worn by a Russian cosmonaut in space for nearly 200 days during the Soyus TM 26 mission, as well as a fossil palm frond from the early Eocene. A work of the Romantic Belgian painter, draughtsman and engraver Antoine Wertz provides the contrast with these extraordinary exhibits.

Jewellery, porcelain, silver and artistic craftwork
Sabine Füchter (Munich) is a proven address for jewellery lovers. The offering of extravagant pieces from Cartier, Chaumet and Van Cleef & Arpels is exclusive. At Kunsthaus Kende (Tübingen), the focus is on design objects of silver, primarily originating from England. Kunsthaus Nüdling (Fulda) is coming with a number of brooches, including an item from Cartier in duck form from the 1960s; new exhibitor Seewald (Berlin) offers a Cartier brooch in the form of a ladybird created in 1936. The old Treasury (Kerkrade) has candelabras from the silversmith Georg Jensen on offer, and another provider in this segment is Weller & Von Zezschwitz.For those interested in early porcelain, Frank Oberacker (Bad Iburg) is the right address. The "Pug on a Cushion“ was produced around 1745 in Meissen.

Non-European Art / Asian Art
The segment of non-European art is covered by prominent traders. Martin Doustar (Brussels) is coming with a wooden stool from the grasslands of Cameroon. Patrick & Ondine Mestdagh (Brussels) draw visitors with cult objects from Congo, which they present at their stand with clever lighting. New exhibitor David Serra-Fine Tribal Art (Barcelona) is bringing exhibits from Papua New Guinea, including an artfully carved flute attachment in animal form. Another exhibitor of tribal art of many years is Galerie Simonis (Düsseldorf). Famarte Asian Art (Meise) is bringing an auratic bronze Buddha head from the 15th century and a dancing Ganesha from the 11th century with it to Cologne. With Galerie Kommoss (Berlin), a new exhibitor in the segment of old Japanese art presents itself with precious items, including a two-part umbrella from the late 18th century.
Michael Woerner Oriental Art (Bangkok) tempts with a wooden frog produced during the Edo period in Japan. The wonderfully modelled torso of a goddess from the Pre-Angkor period originates from the second half of the 7th century.
Contemporary art is represented by the ceramic works with cobalt blue glaze of the Thai artist Wasinburee Supanichvoraparch. Hans Martin Schmitz (Cologne) attracts with a large selection of Netsuke and charming colour woodblock prints that are also affordable for young collectors. Other providers of Asiatic are the Kitsune Gallery (Brussels) and Gottfried Ruetz (Munich).

Art of the Middle Ages, Old Masters and the 19th century
The Brenske Gallery (Munich), which specialises in icons, presents an image of a saint that was painted in around 1600 in northern Greece and comes from Bavarian private ownership. It shows the birth of Christ in a highly detailed, fine execution.

For the Graphische Antiquariat & Kunsthandel Braun (Wuppertal), one area of focus is on old maps and veduta. The precious items include an engraving of Jean-Baptiste Michel. The Antiquariat Hans Lindner (Bad Mainberg) has a Christmas picture book of the Bohemian art educator Franz Cizek on offer, which is decorated with child-friendly drawings. Kunsthaus Bühler (Stuttgart), which specialises in German and French painting of the 19th and early 20th centuries, offers a still life by Curt Herrmann, a renowned representative of German Neoimpressionism, as well as a landscape painting by Oswald Achenbach, who belonged to the Düsseldorf school of painting. At Bühler, the generation of younger artists includes the Dutchman Peter Harskamp. The Galerie am Elisengarten (Aachen) is showing works of the Aachen painter Carl Schneiders, who was a master pupil of Karl Hofer in Berlin. One of the first representatives of abstract art is included in the programme with Otto Freundlich. Nikolaus Gysis' intimate "Portrait of a Girl" enchants at Maier & Co. Fine Art (Stuttgart). The stand of Trinity House Paintings (London / New York) is coming with museum works, including Pierre-Auguste Renoir's oil painting "Port de la Rochelle", a very special and precious item.  

Twentieth century art
Cologne-based Klaus Benden, who is offering, among other items, works by James Rosenquist, Alex Katz and Tom Wesselmann, is a specialist for American Pop Art. The Galerie Boisserée (Cologne) is ideally equipped in the graphics segment, including with works by Joan Miró. Berko Fine Paintings (Knokke) is bringing large format paintings of the Chinese artist Yuchen Han, among other works, with it to its debut at COLOGNE FINE ART.

The Galeria Cortina (Barcelona) focuses on Spanish artists like Eduardo Chillida. One high quality new exhibitor in the modern art segment is the Galerie Philippe David (Zurich), which is bringing a piece of embroidery on fabric by Alighiero Boetti and paintings by Auguste Herbin and Emil Nolde with it to its debut at Cofa. Galerie Dierking (Zurich) offers works by Raimund Girke, Otto Boll and Per Kesselmar, in whose works light materialises in a fascinating manner.

Among the exhibitors of many years is the Galerie Francaise (Munich), which offers works by Marino Marini and Serge Poliakoff. Gilden´s Art Gallery (London) is bringing works by Mirò, Christian Rohlfs and Gerhard Richter with it. Kunsthandel Hagemeier (Frankfurt/Main) is bringing a painting by Alex Katz with it to Cologne, as well as the gouache work "Man with a Blue Jacket" by Josef Scharl from 1940. Eye-catchers at Gerald Hartinger (Vienna) are works by Mel Bochner, who is considered one of the founders of conceptual art and who integrated language into painting.

Kunsthandel Henneken (Bad Iburg), appearing for the first time at Cofa, focuses on modern art from Westphalia. To be seen at the stand are works of the Expressionist painter Dorothea Maetzel-Johannsen, who died young, and of Peter August Böckstiegel, also an outstanding representative of Rhenish-Westphalian Expressionism, who primarily found his motifs in the rural environment. Among the rare items at the stand are a watercolour of the artist and resistance fighter Hanns Kralik from Düsseldorf, who is known for his drawings for the song "Peat Bog Soldiers", which he completed in 1933 in the Börgermoor concentration camp. With the Icelander Erró, Galerie Ernst Hilger (Vienna) is celebrating one of the great mavericks of 20th century art, who arranged image templates reproduced in a painterly fashion into critical, narrative collages with Pop Art and comic influences. Galerie Jeanne (Munich) has announced photographs by Helmut Newton for its appearance at Cofa. André Kirbach (Düsseldorf) is showing works of the Düsseldorf-based Japanese artist Keiko Sadakane, whose works unite Western and Eastern influences. Among other items, Galerie Koch (Hannover) is bringing a sculpture by Erwin Wurm with it to Cologne. With Antonio Tapies, Eduardo Chillida, Jaume Plensa and Joan Miró, Galerie 100 Kubik is gathering the great names of Spanish art at its stand. With Otto Mueller's oil painting "Pair of Russian Girls" from 1919, Galerie Ludorff (Düsseldorf) has a top work of museum quality in its offering. With Willi Baumeister and Herbert Zangs, one encounters two prominent representatives of postwar art at Galerie Luzán (Berlin / Bremen).Kunstkontor Doris Möllers (Münster) trumps with etchings by James Ensor originating from a Swiss private collection. Galerie Maulberger (Munich / Westerland), a specialist in German Informalism, will present works by Herbert Zangs and Heinz Mack. Kunsthandlung Osper (Cologne) is bringing a small-format still life by Anton Räderscheidt from 1923 with it to the trade show. A fire gouache by Otto Piene and an object of Christo will draw attention at Galerie Ostendorff (Münster). Galerie Raphael (Frankfurt/Main) attracts collectors with lithographies by Matisse and Picasso.

Thole Rotermund Kunsthandel (Hamburg) has announced Franz Marc's woodcut print "Ruhende Pferde" (Resting Horses) and "Geburt der Pferde" (Birth of Horses), which demonstrate the masterly skills of the artist with the carving knife, as highlights. Also extraordinary is Lyonel Feininger's watercolour "Dampfer und Segelboote" (Steamer and Sailboats), which was realised as a mural at the World Exposition of 1939/40 in New York. Also a rae item is the "Vor der Küste, Stein 3“ (Before the Coast, Stone 3) lithograph, which Feininger presented to his youngest son Lux as a gift. Galerie Rudolf (Kampen/Sylt) has a floral still life by Carl Hofer in its offering. Galerie Schwarzer (Düsseldorf) offers Imi Knoebel's "DIN IV, B1-B4" series, which originates from a Swiss private collection. At the stand of Stern Pissaro Gallery (London), with many high quality works, a still life by Emil Nolde and Fernand Léger's gouache "L´homme au Chandail" provide an attraction in the modern art segment. Also on offer is the painting "Phenomena like Byron" by Paul Jenkins, one of the most important representatives of Abstract Expressionism in the USA, as well as a gouache by Alexander Calder. The big names also include the Japanese painter Yagoi Kusama. German artists of the 20th century are also prominently represented with Otto Piene and Gerhard Richter.

Malte Uekermann Kunsthandel (Berlin) is bringing works by Heinz Mack and Leo Erb with it to its trade show debut. Galerie Utermann (Dortmund) presents works by Horst Antes, this year's COLOGNE FINE ART prize winner. Another highlight is a boudoir scene, drawn by Ernst-Ludwig Kirchner with chalk and charcoal on cardboard in 1908. Exquisite as usual is the offering of the Galerie von Vertes (Zurich), where the oil painting "Autre Foret – Pinceaux" by Max Ernst from the year 1926, among others, will tempt collectors.

Contemporary art
Galerie Judith Andrae (Bonn) will show select works of the photographer and sculptor Johannes Brus, including a "Horse" of plaster from 2006. With Walter Moroder, Galerie Albert Baumgarten (Freiburg) presents a sculptor dedicated to figurative representation. An established painting position is also represented in the programme with Cornelius Völker. With Thomas Canto, the Bermel von Luxburg Gallery (Berlin) presents a painter primarily interested in three-dimensional structures. Robert Pan's works, on the other hand, originate in an alchemistic process involving countless layers of resin. With Jukhee Kwon, Eui Jeong Yoo and Helena Parada- Kim, Galerie Choi & Lager (Cologne) provides insights into the contemporary Korean art scene. Commeter / Persiehl & Heine (Hamburg) confronts wood sculptures of Lars Zech with photographs of Sarah Moon.

Kunst & Denker Contemporary (Düsseldorf) is presenting one of the most important protagonists of computer-generated art with Tim Berresheim. Galerie Ulf Larsson (Cologne) contrasts bronzes of the sculptor René Dantes with aquatint etchings by Hubert Kiecol. With Markus Fräger, Galerie Mühlfeld + Stöhrer (Frankfurt/Main) has an artist in its programme dedicated to representational painting. Sgra (Cologne) has announced works by Frank Gerritz and Abraham David Christian.

COLOGNE FINE ART opens from Thursday, 22 November to Saturday, 24 November from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and on Sunday, 25 November from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

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